MIST101/102 Instructions

MIST101/102 Instructions

MIST101-1: Intro to Machine Intelligence

The first workshop of MIST101: Into the Mist of Machine Intelligence.

MIST101-2: How Does a Machine Learn?

The second workshop of MIST101: How Does a Machine Learn?

MIST101-3: Artificial Neural Networks

The third workshop of MIST101: Artificial Neural Networks

MIST101-4: Overfitting, Underfitting and Regularizations

The fourth workshop of MIST101: Overfitting, Underfitting and Regularizations

MIST101-5: Unsupervised Learning and Clustering

The fifth workshop of MIST101: Unsupervised Learning and Clustering

MIST102-1: Convolutional Neural Networks

The first workshop of MIST102: Convolutional Neural Networks

MIST102-2: Recurrent Neural Networks

The second workshop of MIST102: Recurrent Neural Networks

MIST102-3: Reinforcement Learning

The third workshop of MIST102: Reinforcement Learning

Ethics in AI Speaker Panel

Ethics in AI Speaker Panel

Breaking into AI: Industry Speaker Panel

AI Industry Speaker Panel

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2021

Our annual general meeting (AGM) in 2021.

Info Session + ML Career Panel

Info Session + ML Career Panel

Discover AI Mini-Challenge #3

Explore Natural Language Processing & Conversational AI in the Discover AI Mini-Challenge with Microsoft/Agorize.

2021 UTMIST Project Showcase

2021 UTMIST Project Showcase

UTMIST Talk Series | ML for 3D Perception: Differentiating and Embedding Imaging Systems for Deep Learning

A talk by Wenzheng Chen about his research that integrates computational photography and deep learning.

UTMIST x AMD: How Machine Learning Transforms Gaming Experiences

A seminar with Max Kiehn, Fellow Engineer and ML Technical Lead at AMD, on how AMD uses ML to automate gameplay testing, followed by a firechat session with Mattieu Chan Chee, ML Intern at AMD.

Entrepreneurship in AI: Democratized Online Learning by Korbit AI

Korbit AI's workshop about about how they personalized online education with artificial intelligence.

Entrepreneurship in AI: How Untether AI Transforms Computing

A series of talks by founders and researchers from Untether AI about how they built a transformative AI chipset.

UTMIST Talk Series | ML for Genomic Data Analysis: Segway and the Graphical Models Toolkit

A seminar by Professor Michael Hoffman about how machine learning impacts the study of computational biology and genomics.

ML Project Matchmaking Day

A social event for inspiration, advice, and team forming.

Deep Dive into Machine Learning with AWS DeepRacer

A showcase of AWS DeepRacer, an autonomous race car powered by reinforcement learning

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020

Our annual general meeting (AGM) in 2020.