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It is the duty of every scientist to pay back research debt. Our approach is through teaching and mentorship. We are a group of student researchers (who love to teach!), curating academic content to create the next generation of students passionate about ML!

We tackle the hottest AI topics such as Large Language Models (LLMs), Reinforcement Learning (RL), and Diffusion Models (DMs), presenting them in an inspiring, intuitive, and easy-to-digest manner for a wide audience of students.

Ziwen Han
VP Academics
Michael Mo
AVP Academics
Yihui (Gabriel) Wu
AVP Academics
Shirley Wang
Academic Director - Diffusion Models
Mason Hu
Academic Director - ML Fundamentals
Harry Wang
Academic Director - ML Fundamentals
Ray (Coden) Mercurius
Academic Director - Reinforcement Learning
Jingmin Wang
Academic Director - Reinforcement Learning

Large Language Model Acceleration Program

Instructor: Ziwen Han, VP Academics
Location: Bahen

Are you intrigued by Large Language Models and cutting-edge AI technology? Are you eager to delve deeper into these fields but unsure of where to begin? Do you want to stay updated on the latest topics and connect with like-minded peers? If so, we invite you to join us for a series of enlightening LLM Acceleration Program in the upcoming Fall semester led by the Academics Department at UTMIST!

We received over 300 registrations for our pilot program! This series may be brought back in 2024 by popular demand.


Date Topic Content
2023/09/21 Week 1: Foundation Models Slides
2023/09/28 Week 2: Large Language Models Slides
2023/10/05 Week 3: Controlling Large Language Models Slides
2023/10/12 Week 4: Safe and Trustworthy LLMs? Slides

Machine Learning for Beginners!

Office Hour Instructor: Mason Hu, Academic Director
Workshop Instructor: Harry Wang, Academic Director
Location: Zoom

By popular demand, our Academic Directors have kindly created a series of 6 introductory lectures & hands-on workshops. You will learn the basics of deep learning (backpropagation, basics of neural networks, PyTorch).


Date Topic
2023/10/25 Week 1: Gradient descent & neural networks
2023/11/01 Week 2: [Workshop] Introduction to PyTorch
2023/11/15 Week 3: Techniques for stable deep learning
2023/11/22 Week 4: [Workshop] PyTorch modules, torchvision, and optimizers
2023/11/29 Week 5: Popular neural networks for vision
2023/12/06 Week 6: [Workshop] Building & training a neural network from scratch

Mentorship 2023

Coordinator: Gabriel Wu, AVP Academics
Location: Hybrid

We offer a dynamic mentorship program, pairing senior students with junior students in a curriculum-based series based on interests in ML industry or research. All mentees and mentors have been matched!

Immersion Day 2023

Stay tuned for an exciting half-day event Saturday, November 25 in Bahen! We have several keynote speakers from the Vector Institute, collaborations with other tech clubs at U of T, and workshops from our very own Academic Directors in RL and Diffusion Models!

Open Positions

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