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UTMIST’s newsletter, deMISTify, provides the latest detailed news relating to research and industry developments in the field of machine learning. Comprised of articles written by the department of technical writing, the aim of deMISTify is to spread awareness and understanding about new advances in machine learning by explaining difficult concepts in layman’s terms that anyone can understand. We do so through a bi-monthly newsletter comprised of content from our Medium publication sent to over 1700 subscribers. Our ultimate goal is the widespread education regarding advances in machine learning and its cross-disciplinary fields to those with or without backgrounds in computer science.


2022-2023 Newsletters

Feb 27th | Issue 24


What this newsletter covers:

1. Uber’s ETA Prediction System by Charles Yuan

2. CovidExpert: A Triplet Siamese Neural Network framework for the Detection of COVID-19 by Dev Shah

3. FURTHER: A practical approach to the Markov Game by Ellina Zhang

Feb 13th | Issue 23


What this newsletter covers:

1. GT Sophy (Part 1) - Sony’s New Racing AI by Zoey Zhang

2. Leveraging Zero-Shot Learning to Detect Pathologies with Unannotated Data by Dev Shah

3. DALL-E could be Friends with Flamingo by Shirley Wang

Jan 30th | Issue 22


What this newsletter covers:

1. The Forward-Forward Algorithm by Dev Shah

2. A Far-Sighted Approach To Machine Learning by Ellina Zhang

3. Detecting Mind Wandering with Machine Learning by Jennifer Zhang

Jan 16th | Issue 21


What this newsletter covers:

1. AI Playing Minecraft? by Jennifer Zhang

2. Galactica by Shirley Wang

3. Can Machines Evaluate Human-Made Art? by Zoey Zhang

Dec 12th | Issue 20


What this newsletter covers:

1. AlphaFold by Jennifer Zhang

2. PaLI (Pathways Language and Image Model by Shirley Wang

Dec 1st | Issue 19


What this newsletter covers:

1. AlphaTensor by Ellina Zhang

2. Expressing Neural Networks as Decision Trees by Dev Shah

3. A Text Messaging Programming For Non-Treatment-Seeking Young Adults by Zoey Zhang

Nov 14th | Issue 18


What this newsletter covers:

1. Make-A-Video - Video Generation from Text by Shirley Wang

2. Reinforcement Learning for Full-Body Tracking in VR by Charles Yuan

3. The Rise of Facial Recognition Technology by Jennifer Zhang

Oct 31st | Issue 17


What this newsletter covers:

1. Improvement in Blind Image Quality Assessment by Zoey Zhang

2. Analyzing “Secret” Algorithms by Armita Khashayardoost

3. Advancing Math with Machine Learning by Ellina Zhang

Oct 10th | Issue 16


What this newsletter covers:

1. AI and the Future of Courtrooms by Armita Khashayardoost

2. Phrase-Based Unsupervised Machine Translation by Ellina Zhang

3. Home is Not a Place, But a Feeling by Zoey Zhang

Sept 26th | Issue 15


What this newsletter covers:

1. A Brief Overview of Diffusion Models and DALL-E 2 by Shirley Wang

2. Leveraging Federated Learning for Medical Imaging by Dev Shah

3. Machine Learning: A Way of Treating Cancer? by Jennifer Zhang

4. AI Could Soon Learn Languages Better Than You by Pratibha Thakur

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