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The University of Toronto is one the world’s leading institutions in Artificial/Machine Intelligence and our faculty offer a variety of interesting courses. These courses provide preparation for academic research or applications in the industry. Below are the relevant offerings from our undergraduate divisions.

Applied Science & Engineering (St. George)

Note: Some courses are restricted to specific programs.

Note: In some cases, programs have strict requirements that equivalent courses might not satisfy.

Arts & Science (St. George)

Note: Students not enrolled in the Computer Science Major or Specialist (including Data Science and Information Security) programs are limited to a maximum of three (1.5 FCEs) 300/C-400/D-level CSC half-courses.

Mississauga Campus (UTM)

Note: Students in any University of Toronto program may complete up to 1.5 credits of third and fourth year CSC courses. Enrolment in additional CSC courses is restricted to students in CSC specialist and major programs.

Scarborough Campus (UTSC)

Note: A student who is not in a CSC program and does not have a CGPA of at least 3.5 may not take any C- or D-level CSC course.

Note: The Department of Computer & Mathematical Sciences often strictly enforces prerequisites. Special permission may be required to enroll.

Clubs at the University