ML Project Matchmaking Day

Image of ML Project Matchmaking Day

We are excited to present you with our first ML Project Matchmaking Day! This event is intended to stimulate inspiration and help aspiring project developers form teams.

We begin with a short talk on an interesting machine intelligence topic. Then, participants gain access to an interactive virtual meeting room where they can discuss their ideas on a whiteboard, browse around, and chat with other developers. There are also experienced advisors present to provide support.

Our goal is that every participant can:

  • Walk out of the event feeling inspired
  • Make new friends to work on an idea together
  • Get helpful advice from UTMIST advisors.

Who should join us? Everyone who has a passion for computation, intelligence, and analytics! Particularly if you:

  • Have a project idea but need a team
  • Have a general interest but need to frame it into a solid project idea
  • Are working on a project and need feedback to plan out the next steps or to overcome roadblocks.

Event Details