From Zero to Hero - Intro to Python AI Workshop

From Zero to Hero - Intro to Python AI Workshop

Ethics in AI Speaker Panel

Ethics in AI Speaker Panel

Breaking into AI: Industry Speaker Panel

AI Industry Speaker Panel

AudioTech Refiner: Eliminating Noise and Distortion in Low-Bandwidth Audio

Improving Quality of Online Voice Calls

ECG Analysis Using Deep CNNs

An application of deep convolutional neural network model to specify cardiovascular diseases via analyzing ECG

Employee Attrition Factors Prediction

Using ML to identify and combat employee attrition factors

Handwriting Recognition Using Deep Learning

Recognizing Handwritten Text in Physical Documents

SmileDetector: Detecting and Rating Smiles

A web application that uses machine learning to detect and rate smiles

WallStreetBots: Stock Price Prediction

Price prediction and portfolio/market analysis using NLP and reinforcement learning.

Projects (2021-2022)

Our Projects in 2021-2022

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