Employee Attrition Factors Prediction


LinkedIn claims a lack of career advancement opportunities is the number one factor for an employee to quit their job. This factor is completely preventable by cross-evaluating the employee’s seniority, competency, years spent in the company and number of promotions received. We aim to assess the intersectionality of machine learning and data analytics, and predict the different factors responsible for an increased employee attrition rate within a company. In this beginner-friendly project, we will implement traditional ML models to identify areas of improvements to combat these factors.

We are looking for developers who are interested in machine learning and have experience in Python to join us. Email maliha.lodi@mail.utoronto.ca or afnan.rahman@mail.utoronto.ca if you’re interested! You can alternatively DM “Maliha Lodi” or “Afnan Rahman” in the UTMIST Discord.