WallStreetBots: Stock Price Prediction


Creating a stock trading AI is far more sophisticated than predicting future prices based on numerical methods such as momentum, or machine learning methods such as LSTM or transformers. While the later one is pure data analysis and machine learning, the former one covers a lot greater scopes, from not only price prediction, but also portfolio management strategies, market condition analysis, stock sentiment analysis, data communications, and deployment on server. In this project, we want to create an AI that is practically useful - yes, that means it makes money. We will try a variety of ML algorithms, from simple RNN to NLP, and hopefully reinforcement learning — and at the end our work will be deployed as a bot to trade with paper money. Will it be able to make money? Let’s find out! We look forward for your participation in the project.

We are looking for one or two developers with experience in NLP, and/or reinforcement learning to join us. Email jack.cai@mail.utoronto.ca or DM “Jack Cai” in the UTMIST Discord if you’re interested!