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We are the University of Toronto Machine Intelligence Student Team (UTMIST), a student organization devoted to promoting a vibrant machine learning community on campus and connecting students with graduate students, professors and industries in the field of machine intelligence, to clear the MIST around machine intelligence for the eager young minds.

The University of Toronto is one of the world centers of machine learning, yet most undergraduate students seldom have the opportunity of getting in touch with the scholars from academia and industry. This creates a disconnect between the undergraduate community and academia and industry.

Founded in 2017, we ran a series of successful initiatives including MIST101 (introductory workshops), our Guest Speaker Series, Technical Workshops, Paper Reproduction teams, and applied machine learning projects. Our team now totals over 60 graduate and undergraduate students and reaches a community of 950+ registered members.

Continuing this legacy, we aim to take on additional challenges during the pandemic to continue to provide students with more resources and opportunities in a virtual environment. We are collaborating with research institutes and companies to present more paper reading sessions and technical workshops, while also facilitating student groups to work on applied and research projects on machine learning.

Our ultimate goal is to build a platform to increase industry engagement, connecting students who are passionate about machine intelligence with research labs and industrial companies that are actively looking for brilliant minds to join them. We are striving to close the aforementioned gap between workforce and student communities.


UTMIST is led by Executive members, who work together to organize the club and create a welcoming environment for all.

Chaojun (Vicky) Chen
Hetav Pandya
Theodore (Theo) Wu
VP Academics
Arsh Kadakia
VP Engineering
Kavya (Kavya) Kadi
VP Industry Relations
Hugo (Hugo) Ku
VP Infrastructure
Anna (Anna) Lai
VP Internal Affairs
Afnan Rahman
VP Marketing
Sicong (Sheldon) Huang
VP Research, Co-Founder
Yixuan (Richard) Xu
VP Technical Writing
Yue (Kathy) Zhuang
VP University Relations
Qiyang (Colin) Li
Co-Founder, Student Advisor
Roger Grosse
Faculty Advisor
Hongyu (Charlie) Chen
Student Advisor
Qi Yang (Yolanda) Chen
Student Advisor
Shaziah (Shaziah) Gafur
Student Advisor
Trisha Thakur
Student Advisor
Robert (Rupert) Wu
Student Advisor
Yvonne Yang
Student Advisor

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UTMIST is committed to being an accessible school club. Membership is open to any UofT student regardless of faculty or campus affiliation.

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