Wind Turbine Audibility - Aercoustics collab

Providing an ML solution for the turbine audibility problem to Aercoustics Ltd.


Music Synthesis Using Diffusion Models.


A customizable fashion recommendation system.

Numerai Quant Team

Attempting to beat the Numerai weekly leaderboards.

Virtual Creatures

Reimagining Karl Sims 1994 'Evolving Virtual Creatures' paper.


Generating Osu beatmaps using Seq2Seq models.


Continuation of 2021’s WallStreetBots with a twist -- crypto price prediction.


Advancing the RealTime project from 2021.

12-Lead ECG Reconstruction

Reconstructing the 12-lead ECG information from only 2-3 lead signals.

Omni - Startup collab

Bringing information retrieval into the mechanics of creation.

AltaML - Startup collab

An ML pipeline for the construction industry.

PhotoML - Startup collab

Applying machine learning to picture selection.

WallStreetBots: Stock Price Prediction

Price prediction and portfolio/market analysis using NLP and reinforcement learning.

Real-Time: Real Estate Price Prediction

Real estate price prediction on a real-time dataset.

ECG Analysis Using Deep CNNs

An application of deep convolutional neural network model to specify cardiovascular diseases via analyzing ECG

Employee Attrition Factors Prediction

Using ML to identify and combat employee attrition factors

Handwriting Recognition Using Deep Learning

Recognizing Handwritten Text in Physical Documents

SmileDetector: Detecting and Rating Smiles

A web application that uses machine learning to detect and rate smiles

2021 UTMIST Project Showcase

2021 UTMIST Project Showcase

Hand Gestures and Hand Tracking for Web Browsing

Developing hand gesture detection for controlling web browsing.

Musical Style Transfer

Transfer learning in the domain of musical styles.

Real Estate Price Prediction

Real estate price prediction and transfer learning with CNNs.

Stock Price Prediction

Predicting stock prices.

The Humerus Bot

An applied ML NLP project designed to win Cards Against Humanity, a popular humor-based party game. **[Full]**