Numerai Quant Team


What is it?

  • A data science tournament hosted by the world’s first crowd sourced hedge fund.

How does it work?

  • High quality, obfuscated financial data are published in weekly rounds.
  • Our goal is to perform regression on the published data, and submit our “predictions” weekly as a csv file to the hedge fund.


  • The hedge fund’s AI (the “meta-model”) takes every participant’s prediction as input, and helps the hedge fund make investment decisions.
  • Participants get rewarded with crypto if their predictions are accurate.

Our Approach

  • Our team will mirror the hedge fund’s approach, we will build a meta-model on top of all the models that our team’s developers build.
  • Our approach makes our project very horizontally scalable, and accommodating for a wide range of technical abilities.
  • We will ask our developers to each build their own unique model on the data set, and refine it so that it is good enough to be incorporated into our meta-model.

Who are we looking for?

  • Proficiency in Python
  • Robust understanding of basic ML concepts
  • Eagerness to independently learn new concepts
  • Able to commit 2-4 hours per week


The Team

Zixin (Jenci) Wei
Hanzhuo (Andrew) Zhang
Aman Rana
Xiaoru (Gordon) Tan
Yihui (Gabriel) Wu
William Zhang