MIST101/102 Instructions

MIST101/102 Instructions

MIST101-1: Intro to Machine Intelligence

The first workshop of MIST101: Into the Mist of Machine Intelligence.

MIST101-2: How Does a Machine Learn?

The second workshop of MIST101: How Does a Machine Learn?

MIST101-3: Artificial Neural Networks

The third workshop of MIST101: Artificial Neural Networks

MIST101-4: Overfitting, Underfitting and Regularizations

The fourth workshop of MIST101: Overfitting, Underfitting and Regularizations

MIST101-5: Unsupervised Learning and Clustering

The fifth workshop of MIST101: Unsupervised Learning and Clustering

MIST102-1: Convolutional Neural Networks

The first workshop of MIST102: Convolutional Neural Networks

MIST102-2: Recurrent Neural Networks

The second workshop of MIST102: Recurrent Neural Networks

MIST102-3: Reinforcement Learning

The third workshop of MIST102: Reinforcement Learning

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2021

Our annual general meeting (AGM) in 2021.

Info Session + ML Career Panel

Info Session + ML Career Panel

Discover AI Mini-Challenge #3

Explore Natural Language Processing & Conversational AI in the Discover AI Mini-Challenge with Microsoft/Agorize.

2021 UTMIST Project Showcase

2021 UTMIST Project Showcase

UTMIST Talk Series | ML for 3D Perception: Differentiating and Embedding Imaging Systems for Deep Learning

A talk by Wenzheng Chen about his research that integrates computational photography and deep learning.

UTMIST x AMD: How Machine Learning Transforms Gaming Experiences

A seminar with Max Kiehn, Fellow Engineer and ML Technical Lead at AMD, on how AMD uses ML to automate gameplay testing, followed by a firechat session with Mattieu Chan Chee, ML Intern at AMD.

Entrepreneurship in AI: Democratized Online Learning by Korbit AI

Korbit AI's workshop about about how they personalized online education with artificial intelligence.

Entrepreneurship in AI: How Untether AI Transforms Computing

A series of talks by founders and researchers from Untether AI about how they built a transformative AI chipset.

UTMIST Talk Series | ML for Genomic Data Analysis: Segway and the Graphical Models Toolkit

A seminar by Professor Michael Hoffman about how machine learning impacts the study of computational biology and genomics.

ML Project Matchmaking Day

A social event for inspiration, advice, and team forming.

About Us


Leading a Project

A Guide to Brainstorming and Leading a Project.

Deep Dive into Machine Learning with AWS DeepRacer

A showcase of AWS DeepRacer, an autonomous race car powered by reinforcement learning

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020

Our annual general meeting (AGM) in 2020.

Projects (2020-2021)

Our Projects in 2020-2021

Out-Of-Distribution Detection (OoDD)

A Research Project on Benchmarking the Latest Generative Model Based OoOD Methods.

Rust for Machine Learning: Benchmarking Performance in One-shot

Reproducing "Siamese Neural Networks for One-shot Image Recognition" and benchmarking implementation performance and results.

Hand Gestures and Hand Tracking for Web Browsing

Developing hand gesture detection for controlling web browsing.

Musical Style Transfer

Transfer learning in the domain of musical styles.

Real Estate Price Prediction

Real estate price prediction and transfer learning with CNNs.

Stock Price Prediction

Predicting stock prices.

The Humerus Bot

An applied ML NLP project designed to win Cards Against Humanity, a popular humor-based party game. **[Full]**


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