Minimum go version Go modules version

The UofT Machine Intelligence Student Team Runner (MISTR) is a Discord bot serving the UTMIST Discord server. Our website (utmist.gitlab.io) can be updated via MISTR on our server by triggering jobs for GitLab Pages CI running utmist.gitlab.io. Other GitLab CI tasks such as batch flushing can also be performed.


  • Go: minimum 1.11+; recommended 1.13+.



  • Dependencies are managed with Go modules.
  • The .env file with the variables listed in copy.env is required to run this bot.
  • The bot is run from main.go.
  • Discord Invite Link.

Continuous Deployment (CD)

If you’re looking to deploy MISTR continuously on a server or a local machine, run loop.sh in the project root directory. Then when you want to restart with new commits, type mistr! restart in the appropriate Discord channel.

UTMIST runs MISTR on a Raspberry Pi (of various models) using loop.sh.


  • This project is maintained by the Engineering Department at UTMIST.
  • If you’re a member of UTMIST and would like to contribute or learn development through this project, you can join our Discord) and let us know in #infrastructure.