Aemulus VR: Using Neural Radiance Fields for Luxury E-commerce

Using Neural Radiance Fields for Luxury E-commerce.

Side Channel Attacks: Cracking AES with Deep Learning

Cracking AES with Deep Learning.

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Auto-Colorization of Historical Black and White Images

Tackling colourization of black and white images with CNNs.

Denoising Renderings using Deep Learning

Use Deep Learning to reduce noise in computer generated imagery.

EMILI: Easy MachIne LearnIng

Develop a dynamic pipeline for efficient LLM development.

Evolving Virtual Creatures... PART II!

Evolving teamwork between virtual creatures.

Fashion Bot: Outfit Recommendation

Recommend fashion fits with Neutral Collaborative Filtering.

Is Hashing All You Need For Implicit Neural Representations?

Understanding hashing in the context of Implicit Neural Representations.


Understand performance spread of protein function prediction models.

QuSparse: Quantum Approaches to Sparse Signal Reconstruction

Use Quantum ML to preserve quality of sparse signals.

Real-Time Trading with Sequence Models and Reinforcement Learning

Use sequence modelling and DRL to create a real time trading system.

Spiking Neural Networks

Build a spiking neural network with resistance RAM.