At UTMIST, our initiative is to keep our student community professionally equipped with the knowledge needed to succeed in the industry of machine learning. We provide a compilation of resources that will grow continuously throughout the school year.

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  • Interested in a job at a large enterprise? LinkedIn is one of the best tools for this. You can view the number of applicants for a job posting on LinkedIn and if you have premium, you can take advantage of viewing how you compare to other applicants
  • A mentor can offer you personalized advice for your professional development. Mentors may offer critiquing your resume, introducing you to their connections, or answering your industry-specific questions. There are several ways to find a mentor, such as:
  • The Muse claims that 80% of jobs are not posted–they’re found instead through networking. Take advantage of networking opportunities at the university, such as career fairs, conferences, networking receptions, and mentorship. Do you have a friend or connection who works at the company you’re interested in? Try to get a referral.
  • Got an offer? Learn how to negotiate your salary


Chat with us on Discord on the #careers-advising and #industry-opportunities channels. For example, you can ask us to connect you with a mentor.