Reading Group

Welcome to UTMIST’s paper reading group :)

This group is a guided discussion group on awesome machine learning research papers. We meet monthly to review a paper that we choose together. Overall, there is a lot of flexibility, and suggestions are more than welcome. The purpose of the reading group is to gently introduce undergraduates to the beauty of theory, expose people to the very frontier of research, and answer questions such as “but why? why the schmidhuber does this work?”. If you are interested, register here to receive email notifications!


Basically, papers are chosen at the start of each month, and meetings happen on the last Saturday of each month.

Meeting date Paper Meeting Slidedeck Resources
2021/09/25 Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition (He et al, 2016) recording slides
2021/10/30 Attention Is All You Need (Vaswani et al, 2017) recording slides OpenAI Beta, GPT3 interview, more in slides
2021/11/27 Guest speaker talk recording N/A
2022/01/29 Highly accurate protein structure prediction with AlphaFold (Jumper et al, 2021) recording slides Colab notebook
2022/02/26 Auto-encoding Variational Bayes (Kingma & Welling, 2013) Zoom link

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If you have suggestions for the next paper to read, or any suggestions at all, please reach out to me on Discord!