Club website for the University of Toronto Machine Intelligence Student Team (UTMIST).

pipeline status


  • Google Sheets and Microsoft OneDrive serve as databases.
  • The fetcher package pulls from Google Sheets and populates Associate/Department objects.
  • The generator package uses the objects fetched to generate markdown content pages.
  • `onedeath downloads a folder of custom pages (written manually by club associates) from Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Hugo generates the static site website locally or with GitLab Pages.



  • Go. Put this project in $GOPATH/utmist/.
  • Hugo, >= 0.61.
  • Lua.
  • wget.



Full details can be found on our Wiki.


  • We use GitLab CI and GitLab Pages to host this website.
    • GitLab CI has its own environment registry.


  • Clone the repository under $GOPATH/gitlab.com/utmist/.

    cd $GOPATH/gitlab.com/utmist/
    git clone https://gitlab.com/utmist/utmist.gitlab.io.git
    cd utmist.gitlab.io
  • Initialize the Hugo ReFresh and OneDeath submodules.

    make dep
  • Paste the environment variables into .env. Refer to .env.copy for the required variables.

  • Run the fetcher/generator script.

    make full
  • Run hugo in future mode (include pages dated in the future) to host the website on localhost:1313.

    hugo server -F


  • GitLab
    • Working issues and Merge Requests (MRs) are reviewed.
    • Bug reports and feature requests are preferred.
  • GitHub (Mirror)
    • Bug reports and feature requests are accepted.
  • This project is maintained by the Infrastructure Department at UTMIST.
  • If you’re a member of UTMIST and would like to contribute or learn development through this project, you can join our Discord Server and let us know in #infrastructure.