Study Group

Who Are We?

Are you curious about the world of Machine Learning and want to learn about its powerful tools and real-world applications? This is what UTMIST’s Deep Learning study group is all about!

We will be going through the Coursera course “Introduction to Deep Learning” and have interactive discussions on the content every two weeks. If the course is fully completed, a Coursera certificate will be awarded at the end sponsored by UofT.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and learn more about Deep Learning together.

All UofT students with any level of experience are welcome!

Please note: Currently, registration is closed, but if you’d still like to join and catch up on our progress, you are welcome to register here.


Date Topic Meeting
2021/10/03 Introduction to Machine Learning Recording
2021/10/17 Linear Models and Optimization Lab N/A
2021/10/31 Introduction to Deep Learning Recording
2021/11/14 MNIST Classification Lab N/A
2021/11/28 Deep Learning for Images Recording
2021/12/12 CNN & Transfer Learning Lab N/A
2022/01/09 Concepts Review Recording
2022/01/23 Unsupervised Representation Learning Recording
2022/02/06 Deep Learning for Sequences Recording
2022/02/20 Digits Classification using MLP Recording
2022/03/06 Flower Classification using CNN Recording
2022/03/20 Applications of Autoencoder Recording
2022/04/03 Generating Shakespearean Text using RNN Recording


All resources from our study group, including presentation slides and helpful links, can be found on UTMIST’s GitHub.