MIST102-2: Recurrent Neural Networks

2020/2021: 1 | 2 | 3

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In this workshop, we introduce you to Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN). It’s a deep learning algorithm that processes sequential data. While CNN can deal with images or high dimensional data, RNN can process temporal inputs like text, sound, states through time. This workshop explains how RNN is developed from human memory, and how it process data while keeping it’s memory, using modules such as RNN, LSTM, or GRU. A demonstration in Pytorch is also provided to show differences between each module.

Good News! We have made the process of participating and winning prizes a LOT simpler. After watching the workshop videos, you can test how well you have understood the concepts by participating in a short online quiz which consists of MCQs and short answer questions. This will not just help you reinforce what you have learned but also help you win prizes!

The quiz can be found here!

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The Colab notebook can be found here

Event Details

Topics to be covered:

  1. Sequential Data and Memory
  2. Recurrent Neural Network
  3. Problems with RNN

How to win prizes:

  • Participate in the quiz.
  • Answer the MCQs and short answer questions to the best of your knowledge.
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The quiz should take no longer than 10 minutes, provided that you have watched the videos!

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* An Amazon gift card worth 25$ will be provided to the top submissions.